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Overcome smoke addiction

Vaping as a Way To Quit Smoking

Exhaustive scientific studies have shown that smoking is indeed dangerous and can cause a dizzying number of diseases and health complications that can lead to death. We’ve all read the sobering Surgeon General’s warnings and it’s enough to scare a lot of people into quitting. Unfortunately, quitting smoking is not as easy as it sounds. Nicotine addiction is a very real problem and this is the reason why quitting is so hard and the success rate is not as high as we would like it to be.

One of the newest advances in technology is being used as a way to curb smoking and overcome nicotine addiction. It’s called vaping, which is the use of an e-cigarette. An e-cigarette, also known as a vaporizer, is an electronic device that vaporizes a liquid that is contained in a cartridge. This liquid can be used as a carrier for either artificial flavors or for nicotine itself – or a combination of both.

E-cigarettes are a good alternative to smoking because it eliminates practically of the harmful substances that is inhaled with cigarette smoke. When tobacco burns it releases more than 4,000 different toxic chemicals that are contained in the tobacco smoke. These are chemicals that scientists have proven to be lethal and are the causes of many different diseases, among them cancer. These chemicals are not present in an e-cigarette – first, because there is no actual smoke that is produced. The “smoke” that is produced is more a cloud of vaporized liquid. The liquid itself only contains water and nicotine and nothing else. There is no carbon monoxide, tar or any other harmful substance. According to some studies, vapor from an e-cigarette contains about 20 different ingredients, none of them are considered harmful. As for the nicotine itself, according to a study conducted by the Royal College of Physicians, nicotine does not have any long-term bad effects on the health.

Although e-cigarettes are not really marketed as a tool that can help smokers quit, it does play a positive factor for quitting among smokers who decided to use e-cigarettes and started vaping as a way of reducing the amount they smoke or completely switching to vaping. One big reason it helps people quit smoking is because it still allows smokers to go through the motions of smoking. There are studies that show smokers are as addicted to the whole process of smoking – lighting up cigarette, putting the cigarette in their mouths, dragging on the cigarette and exhaling smoke – as they are to the nicotine. Vaping reduces their craving because it allows them to enjoy the smoking process without the negative effects of the chemicals contained in tobacco smoke.

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